Update: iPhone 5 Shipping Date Now Pushed Back To A Month

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If you have ordered the new iPhone 5 then all should be well and good. However if you want to get one now, you may have a long wait ahead.

iPhone 5 shipping date now pushed backed to a month

Apple has apparently just updated their website and has pushed the shipping on all versions of the iPhone 5 further back. They had estimated a 2 to 3 week wait and now this has become  3 weeks to 1 month reports TechCrunch.

The iPhone 5 is said to be the best ever iPhone, naturally. The handset is faster, its lighter, and it’s also better in many other ways than the iPhone 4S. It will be one of the hottest devices, but you may be able to still get your hands on one on the launch day if you have luck on your side when you hit the iPhone 5 lines.

If you must have the iPhone 5 on the same day that it comes out head over to your local store. Your best chance of securing a device is with one of the smaller official AT&T, Sprint or Verizon stores. It is very unlikely that there will be long lines outside the smaller stores, depending on your location. The best chance for getting your hands on the iPhone 5 on Friday morning is to get to the store before they open up.

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