iPhone 5: Just How Tough Is It? [VIDEO]

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One thing that Apple never mentioned when they bragged about the iPhone 5 is the fact that the display is coated with Gorilla Glass 2.

iPhone 5 screen sports Gorilla Glass 2 technology

This is a form of glass that has been treated with chemicals to make it very strong and it’s made in the US. Back at CES, Corning had announced that they had made Gorilla Glass 2 which was even stronger and tougher than the original.

There is no mention of bumper bars for the new iPhone 5 and no sign of them at the Apple Store. So just how tough is the display of the iPhone 5 that Apple thinks they are not needed?

Well Corning released a video promoting their Gorilla Glass and it seems that the display will be almost shatter proof and scratch resistant, unless an actual gorilla should stamp all over the iPhone 5 screen. By the way, the flex test they did will have you gasping, so check it out.

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