iPhone 5 Scratches Easier Than 4S & Apple Should Feel Bad!

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While the iPhone 5 hit shops last Friday and happens to be one of the lightest and thinnest iPhones to have been designed, there is one major disadvantage that will have you slap on the most durable case you can find.

iPhone 5 scratches easier than iPhone 4S

The culprit here is the aluminum plate on the back of the iPhone 5 which has replaced the one made of Corning Glass. Due to the fact that this metal is softer than glass, people are reporting that the back of their new iPhone 5 scratches easily and in some cases people have received devices with scuff marks on them right out of the box.

The iPhone 5 is however not the only handset to be made from aluminium. Apple have used it on the iPods as the material is easy to work with and can be easily coloured. And we all know how easy it was to scuff those iPods so should have Apple.

Apparently the coating on the iPhone 5 happens to be just skin deep, and the paint is resting on top of metal. So essentially the paint is sitting on top of the metal and this layer of paint is exposed to penetration from objects very easily. The result of which means that you are left with shiny metal underneath if the surface is scratched and this was shown in a recent video posted on the internet (see below). Can you imagine what shiny metal scratches on a matte black iPhone 5 would look like?

Apple has not yet commented on this, despite the fact that over the weekend many reported it being a problem. Whether the iPhone 5 will become the bestselling device that Apple say it will be, remains to be seen, as people have also been complaining about other issues ranging from poor battery life to features like Apple Maps being poorly executed.

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