iPhone 5 Features Not Revolutionary, Annoyance Instead (BI)

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The iPhone 5 has not even been released and it is already annoying tech gurus. So why is this? One writer for BusinessInsider explains:

iPhone 5 is “annoying”

Well first, fans of the iPhone 5 expected the handset to be out last year. Instead Apple decided to release only a minor upgrade by way of the 4S. Some bought it but others hung on for the iPhone 5 and decided to wait until Apple announced it with all those major upgrades once rumored. However it is more than just waiting around for it that has people annoyed about it now.

Apple said that they were going to crack down on leaks about the iPhone 5 and other devices. Yet despite this the internet is full of rumors and it’s what some of these rumors and leaks say that make the iPhone 5 annoying claims BI.

After waiting so long for it, it looks as though we are not going to get a big screen along the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3. The screen of 4.8 inches is superb but Apple it appears has chosen to make the new iPhone, taller. Does anyone care about a screen that’s taller and who wants to have to turn the phone into landscape mode to take advantage of this?

Another thing that is really annoying is the fact that the handset will have a new power cord. This means that old power cords and accessories will be useless. One of the main things about having an iPhone is that there are always plenty of cords hanging around the house, so you can use your husbands, sons or daughters. Now these cords will be useless, unless an adapter can be used. But then again why should people have to pay out for an or multiple adapters that serve the same function?

It seems that if the iPhone 5 doesn’t come with a screen that can match that of the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple are going to make existing accessories unusable, why bother upgrading to the handset? One can only hope that half of the rumors floating around online are nothing but rumors and they aren’t true concludes BI. Check out their full rant on why the iPhone 5 is “annoying” at the source link below.


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