Samsung Galaxy Users Dumping Their Devices As iPhone 5 Nears

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Could it be a coincidence that last week the jury in the patent case found that Samsung had infringed on the patents on Apple and today Gazelle have been saying that there has been a rise in the amount of trade-ins on the Galaxy S range of handsets along with other Samsung devices? CNET thinks not.

CNET: Samsung Galaxy S users dumping their devices for iPhone 5?

The web site has seen a 50% rise in trades of devices since the jury gave the verdict on Friday. Following the findings of the jury, four of the eight devices that have been found to have infringed on Apple devices are part of the US Samsung Galaxy S2 family.

eBay however hasn’t seen an impact on trade-ins following the announcement of the verdict. If it is a coincidence, it has to be a big one and more likely is the fact that owners are worried about injunctions, functions being disabled on the handsets and lack of updates hence the bail out.

Gazelle could have done a great job on the other hand of marketing the trade in as the new iPhone 5 is said to be just around corner. Of course, with Apple projecting to sell over 20 million iPhone 5 handsets this year alone, it could just be that owners of the current Samsung Galaxy S range have decided to jump on the iPhone 5 bandwagon.

CNET did get in touch with the resale site of Samsung for data and are awaiting their response. So do you think Android fans are jumping ship and are considering boarding the iOS train or is just a coincidence?

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