iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3 Price Gap Doubles!

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The iPhone 5 is currently the most hyped about smartphone on the market, right beside the crowd favorite the Samsung Galaxy S3.

iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3 price check

While the iPhone 5 is still maintaining its price point (unlocked model), the Samsung Galaxy S3 is slowly declining and widening the price gap between both popular smartphones.

PopHerald reports that according to their last supply check,  the 16GB model in many place is in fact rising from $950 to $980, likely due to supply constraints. The 64GB iPhone 5 now stands at $1,180 price tag. This is shocking since Apple’s suggested retail price is between $649 and $849.

Simultaneously, the recent release of Jelly Bean devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is apparently pulling down the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3. PH explains that the Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB has dropped from $750 to as low as $530 to $550 at many retailers. This is of course the GSM HSPA+ model that is popular across the globe.

Looking at the base 16GB models for both the Samsung Galaxy S3 ($550) and the iPhone 5 ($980), the Apple phone is almost twice as expensive.

It is interesting to see what going on since supply and demand basically dictates price. Over in the US it is a little difficult to see this since carriers heavily subsidize smartphones.

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