iPhone 5 Now 3rd Best, Behind Samsung Galaxy S3 & Lumia 920 In Display Tech

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A study has shown that the iPhone 5 with its Retina display does not have a good a screen as the Samsung Galaxy S3 reports Droid-Life. The data showed that the Samsung Galaxy S3 display was just 1.1mm in thickness and that it offered the full colour gamut of the standards of the NTSC. The display on the iPhone 5 was 1.5mm thick and gave just 72% of the colour gamut that is standard.

iPhone 5 falls behind Samsung Galaxy S3 & Nokia Lumia 920 in display technology

However this does not necessarily mean that the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 offers a better viewing experience. What it does show is that in terms of tech it is better thanks to the thickness and the representation of colour. DisplayMate ran the tests they always run when a new flagship device is released and their tests showed that the display on the iPhone 5 comes in behind both the iPad and Samsung Galaxy S3.

This news come just days after the Nokia Lumia 920 was found to beat the iPhone 5 in display technology for many reasons. This included its larger screen size, higher ppi, twice as responsive display that could even recognize gloves and fingernails, and more. The Nokia Lumia 920, just like the Samsung Galaxy S3, is of course cheaper than buying an iPhone 5 unlocked.

While the iPhone 5 Retina display is one of the best screens on the market, it appears that the competition had caught up to it.

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