Hey iPhone 5, Take On Someone Your Own Size!

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Apple are getting ready to launch their latest iPhone, the iPhone 5, on 21st September. However one of their largest competitors is said to be working on a smaller version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S3, dubbed the Mini Galaxy S3. The handset could make those put off by the large size of the S3 reconsider Samsung over the iPhone 5 if these rumors pan out.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini to take on iPhone 5 (rumors)

This would be a major attack by Samsung on Apple of course who are set to launch their iPhone 5. Samsung may want to be in a position to offer something that would deflate the launch of the iPhone 5 and a low budget version of the popular S3 could very well do just that.

Sammobile, who are generally in the know, said that Samsung were getting ready for the release this year of the Galaxy S3 Mini and that it would come with a 4 inch display just like the iPhone 5 is rumored to have. Other specs include a dual core processor and a five megapixel camera. Now before you put down that 5MP shooter, just take a look at the advances between the 5MP shooters on the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus. A world of difference no doubt. It is thought that the cost of the device would be around $299 unlocked. The iPhone 5 is said to have a display of 4 inches and it may cost around $800 out of contract.

Apparently the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is not the only device that Samsung have been working on. Rumours also have it that they could present a variation of the Galaxy S2 before the end of the year. If the rumours are true and Samsung reveal another two handsets from their Galaxy range they would be offering a smartphone with a smaller Super AMOLED display to suit everyone’s pockets and they would have a barrage of phones in competition with the latest iPhone 5 before the year is up (don’t forget the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2).


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