iPhone 5: What Apple Calls “Next Big Thing” Is Small In The Eyes Of Samsung

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Samsung appear to be getting better when it comes to keeping secrets on the run up to a new device launch and this time everyone could be in for a huge, or small, depending how you look at it, surprise.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini leaks with similar screen size to iPhone 5

Fudzilla reports that a person working at the German offices of Samsung has sent out invitations to an event to be held on 11th October. The invitation has the phrase “So gross kann Klein sein.” When this is translated it means, small can be so big. This has left many believing that Samsung are just days away from revealing a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

Rumors of the handset began in August of this year and at the moment there is no word on any specs. Some have said that the handset will have a display of 4 inches just like the iPhone 5 and it would have a dual core processor of 1GHz, again just like the iPhone 5.

However others have said that this would be underwhelming, especially when you consider the Galaxy S Duos, along with the Galaxy S2 Plus. So it seems that for now Samsung are very good when it comes to keeping quiet as no one knows what is coming.

What will be hilarious though is Samsung labeling a 4-inch variation of their S3 as “Mini” when it comes in at the same size as Apple’s “next big thing”, the iPhone 5.

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