Samsung Galaxy S3 To Sucker Punch iPhone 5 With Jelly Bean

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The iPhone 5 is set to be launched this week and there is also a rumor going around that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be updated to Jelly Bean at some point during this week. Ideally for Samsung this would be on the 12th September, the same day as Apple reveal their latest generation of iPhone, to take the shine off the Apple launch.

iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update may be set for a crash course

While the staunch fans of Apple will not care not less about the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the update to Jelly Bean, there are a great deal of people considering and comparing the iPhone 5 and S3. It is these people who will be waiting for the launch of the update and iPhone 5 before making up their minds which handset to buy.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has got mixed reviews when it comes to the battery as some have been more than happy with the battery while others have said they have had issues. Jelly Bean leaks however has shown us that there are improvements with the battery.

So the big question is will the Samsung Galaxy S3 get the update to Jelly Bean on 12th September the same day as Apple are holding their big iPhone 5 launch event? This is what analysts believe Samsung will do reports ProductReviews. What effect, if any, this would have on Apple and the iPhone 5 is unknown but for owners of the S3 waiting for Jelly Bean, 12th September may be the day that they will always remember as the day that their device became “perfect”.

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