iPhone 5 Shouldn’t Worry About Samsung Galaxy S3, Real Rival Is Actually The Bathroom

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With election season in the US being upon us once again, people are keeping an eye on overspending. There is a solution though that can ease overspending, and that is to stop dropping phones in the toilet. It is costing an absolute fortune watching devices sink to the bottom of the toilet bowl. So if you are considering upgrading to the iPhone 5 you may want to read on.

iPhone 5 biggest rival isn’t Samsung Galaxy S3, it’s actually the bathroom

Warranty company SquareTrade, along with Gadget Insurance, have given out info on areas where people don’t have much luck with their iPhones or iPads. They also said that it has cost around $5.9 billion since 2007 due to repairs or replacements of iPhones that have been damaged. Of course one thing that insurance companies are good at is frightening people to take out insurance for their gadgets.

SquareTrade revealed that they had taken a look at 2,000 iPhone users and came up with the startling information. During the past 12 months around 30% of those owning an iPhone have damaged their handset. From this data they came up with the fact that for the cost of repairs and replacements, along with deductibles due to cracked, dropped and water damaged handsets came to around $5.9 billion.

A large number of the people that had claimed on the insurance had dropped their beloved iPhone into the toilet bowl (now you know that Samsung are not going to let this information go by without making fun of it, perhaps another ad but this time along the lines of the Samsung Galaxy S3 flushing the iPhone 5 down the toilet?). In hindsight Apple might have wanted to make sure that their next generation iPhone 5 had been fully waterproofed.

The statistics also showed that around 30% of people had accidentally damaged their iPhone in the past 12 months, 17% had damaged their handset on more than one occasion, 6% use a taped up iPhone and 11% are using an iPhone that has a cracked screen. It would certainly explain why the iPhone 5 is seeing a record number of upgrade customers.

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