iPhone 5 Should Adopt These Killer Galaxy S3 Tricks

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Apple’s iPhone 4S gave us an in-line evolution rather than a full-on revolution – despite Siri and a faster chip, we had the same body and screen as we had in 2010.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: What Apple can learn

It was a shock not to see the iPhone 5 last autumn, but Apple was just repeating its traditional routine. 2008 saw the iPhone 3G, then the almost identical 3GS in 2009. This pattern is known as the “tick-tock” release cycle, according to ZDNET. Apple lets out a new form in one year (tick) and a similar body with tweaked internals the next (tock).

This did mean, though, that Apple was stuck on the bleachers for a year (a long time in mobile tech), but its rivals were busting design moves. Apple used to be the leader, but was lagging a bit.

So, now we’re in the “tick” phase, and ZDNET has suggested a few tricks that Apple could learn from the Samsung Galaxy S3. The tech blog says the S3 is prettier than the iPhone 4S and that you have to wonder if the design dudes at Cupertino were on an extended coffee break when the 4S left the drawing boards.

The 4S is looking a bit Eastern Bloc and industrial now. The first leaked pics had people wondering if it was just a prototype. The Samsung Galaxy S3 looks finished and glossy, fitting well in the hand. The iPhone, by contrast, looks like a boot scraper. You also have to admit that the aluminum bezel goes to seed very quickly.

So, the iPhone 5 should realize that it needs a fab new form, a bigger screen and LTE speed, as well as an NFC chip and some of the Android gewgaws (think custom launchers, 3rd party keyboards and more) that Apple just hasn’t caught onto so far. The LTE speed is enough to soften the hardest hearts once it does its stuff though so it is a good start.

Of course, choosing curvy or straight is down to you, but when a company has been selling straight for two years, you start to wonder. It seems that the iPhone 5 will be straight as well – tall, but straight.

Despite the iPhone leading the market, and Apple being the world’s most valuable company, it needs to break this tick-tock dance. The iPhone needs an annual redesign and flurry of new features, and Apple needs to pay more heed to the competition.

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