iPhone 5 Screen Blows Samsung Galaxy S3 Away

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The OLED technology found in the Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t quite match up to the refinement of the Retina display in Apple’s iPhone 5 reports CNET.

iPhone 5 display beats Samsung Galaxy S3

Screen testing company DisplayMate recently tested the displays of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 and found that the Retina screen on the iPhone 5 is the best display on any smartphone. they said that there was a great deal of improvement over the screen of the iPhone 4S thanks to lower screen reflection, image contrast that was better and screen visibility that was higher in high ambient lighting, which was said to be the highest to have ever been tested.

DisplayMate gave the Retina display of the iPhone 5 an A and said that the overall picture quality on the screen was very good and colors were accurate. They went on to say that only the Retina screen of the iPad could beat it.

They also said that the display of the AMOLED Samsung Galaxy S3 was very good, however it only got a B+ as it wasn’t up to the standards of the iPhone 5. A spokesperson said that while AMOLED tech was good, it is new tech that hasn’t yet been refined to the standards of LCD and more so to the standards of the IPS LCD which is found on the iPhone 5. The screen brightness of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was only half that of the iPhone 5 and readability in ambient light was not as good.

Other problems with the display of the Samsung Galaxy S3 included calibration that was lopsided, along with the color gamut. These were said to be very inaccurate thanks to Samsung not having calibrated them. Therefore they produced colors that were over saturated and inaccurate.

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