iPhone 5 Is Best Thing Since Sliced Bread… But Who Cares? Not Android Users

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The hype is building up about the upcoming iPhone 5, but should Android and Google worry about the release of the latest generation iPhone? Will Android fans be tempted away from their current handset and join iOS? NetworkWorld doesn’t think so.

NetworkWorld: Why iPhone 5 won’t affect Android sales

When it comes to hardware Apple have been behind when you consider the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy Nexus, both of which were released at the same time. The Nexus has the faster processor and it has double the amount of RAM. It also supports 4G/LTE and has Wi-Fi 5GHz 802.11n. Apple have the Retina display but then this is a minor difference when it comes to ppi, and the GPU is behind that of the Nexus.

While improvements are expected with the iPhone 5, will these be enough for Apple to catch up with Android and the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Jelly Bean is a huge advancement in operating systems with better performance, improved voice features and better notifications. The Voice feature is said by many to better Siri.

Android provide users with an open system where iOS does not and this is something that will not alter when the latest generation iPhone 5 is released i.e. it still won’t be as heavily customizable as Androids.

You also have to take into account the range of smartphones on the market that run Android, while iOS has just the one, the iPhone. Some Android users may be smitten with a bigger screen, NFC or even a physical keypad.

So while the iPhone 5 may end up being the best thing since sliced bread, it is unlikely to deter any Android users away from Google’s OS.

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