iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: The “Next Big Thing” Was Already Here

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Samsung will poke fun at Apple yet again, in another TV ad. This time they have made a 90 second spot ad which will be aired on NBC. The ad will be shown in between “The Voice” and Fox’s “X-Factor” and features the slogan, “The next big thing is already here”.

Samsung Galaxy S3 users taunt iPhone 5 buyers in latest ad

This advert shows fans patiently waiting in line to get their hands on the iPhone 5 and them being taunted by some of the features the Samsung Galaxy S3 offers by owners of the S3. Samsung have said that they have merely taken conversations that are currently occurring throughout culture and the media and have reflected them in the ad.

It seems that Samsung are not backing away from their anti iPhone 5 advertising campaign, therefore don’t be surprised if more ads appear during the following months.

Apple on the other hand has decided to take the “high road” and not circle out any Android device in particular. It just promises the “world’s thinnest smartphone” which brings new innovations like iSight and Lightning port to name a few. Check out the ad below.

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