iPhone 5 Killer Not The Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone Needs Worry More About The Kitchen

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While the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been dubbed an iPhone 5 killer, Apple’s iconic phone will likely find its demise in your home, literally that is.

Forget Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 5 killer is your kitchen

Accidents with phones can happen just about anywhere. However the most common of all places to have an accident with an iPhone happens to be in the kitchen.

This was revealed during a survey from SquareTrade, who showed that 21% of fatal iPhone accidents occur in the kitchen. This was followed very closely by the living room with 18% and then the bathroom with 16%. Only 9% of damaged iPhones were dropped in the bowl of the toilet despite previous insurance reports blaming the bathroom for being the biggest iPhone killer.

It appears that 51% of accidents happen in the home, and 69% is due to negligence by the owner directly. Water is one of the main ways in which iPhones are damaged, followed by spilling soda, beer and coffee or tea.So have you managed to kill off your iPhone and if so how?

iPhone survey

iPhone survey

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