Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘Designed For Humans’, iPhone 5 For Foodies

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As the date for the launch of the iPhone 5 draws ever closer people are wondering whether the rumors of the smaller dock connector, the larger screen and a longer handset are true. On Monday a new video was posted on YouTube with the title of Official Apple iPhone 5 Promo Video and this grabbed the attention of tech fans around the world. However everyone soon realized it wasn’t official of course but it’s still worth taking a look at for laughs.

iPhone 5 designed for foodies

In the video Adam Sacks, New York comedian, talks about Apple rumors and then goes on to talk about how people continue taking photos of the food they are eating with their iPhone and posting photos to Facebook.

He went on to say in the guise of vice president for Apple design that before designing the iPhone 5 the company studied how people use the iPhone and they found out something interesting. He said that people only used their iPhones to take photos of food. He went on to say that people were sad and did this because they were lonely and wanted to give the illusion that they were enjoying a fulfilling lifestyle.

He then shows the new iPhone 5, which is a camera, and starts to tell viewers all about it saying that the photos from it look so good that no one would think that those taking them would lie awake at night wondering why they weren’t happy.

The “vice president” then went on to say that Siri had been updated and the primary purpose of the app was to put funny captions on the food photos with your iPhone 5 (check out the hilarious clip below).

As funny as the notion is, there is a hint of truth behind it. I have numerously come across friends and colleagues who tell me that the reason they decided to go with the iPhone in the end was its better camera. Sure, Android phones take great pictures as well but the iPhone “just works” i.e. just like how a camera would. Interestingly, this reminds me of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and its tagline, “designed for humans”. I’m sure Sacks can find many ways to poke fun of the Samsung Galaxy S3 an opening like that.

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