Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Overshadows iPhone 5 Sneak Peek At IFA

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Someone with eagle eyes spotted the iPhone 5 at the IFA tradeshow in Berlin where the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 stole the show.

Dummy iPhone 5 went unnoticed at IFA 2012 as Samsung Galaxy Note 2 stole show

GSMIsrael reported that they had found the dummy iPhone 5 and said that it came about thanks to the CEO of a one of the major case and cover manufacturers.

The dummy iPhone 5 is the same as all the rumors that have been floating around online. It is taller than existing handsets and the headphone jack has been moved onto the bottom of the handset. The device also shows the back plate in a two tone design. The maker of the case was not identified but told the reporter that cases are in mass production which are designed around the mock-up and these could be heading to retailers in as little as 1 week.

For now all we can do is wait as Apple are expected to launch their iPhone 5 on 12th September with pre-orders said to begin on the same day. Would you be disappointed if the iPhone 5 looks like what you see below? Keep in mind that when the iPhone 4 first leaked, it was criticized and believed to be just a prototype. At launch we found out it was the real deal and it look spectacular. So go figure.

Dummy iPhone 5

Dummy iPhone 5


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