Forget Samsung Galaxy S3 & One X, Fall Lineup Hotter

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Apple, Microsoft and Samsung (with the help of Android) maybe bringing new devices to the market this fall. The Galaxy Note 2 is coming with a new Google OS, the iPhone 5 will have the iOS 6 and the Windows Phone 8 will power Nokia phones, suggest rumors from PopHerald.

Will the iPhone 5, the Galaxy Note 2 and Windows Phone 8 Come out on the Same Day?

With its new “post PC” strategy, Microsoft’s new mobile OS was revealed last week – the Windows Phone 8. Microsoft claims it’s its most advanced mobile OS to date, with support for multi-core chips and denser displays. It’s expected that Microsoft will integrate its mobile OS to its anticipated Windows 8 OS for legacy PC and tablet devices, hoping to attract more customers and app developers.

According to rumours, the first Windows Phone 8 units will be out this fall, and Nokia will debut new phones with multi-core CPUs, better displays and other features like Android’s SD card slot, more RAM and additional software enhancements. More reports say HTC is adding Windows Phone 8 phones in the same quarter. Can the new Windows Phone compete with the iPhone 5?

Samsung is also premiering a phone this year. The tech giant will release its Galaxy Note 2 into the burgeoning smartphone market sometime in October. It’s though that Samsung will use the same Exynos chip to sell more Notes. The quad-core chipset was debuted outside North America in the Galaxy S3 phone.

The Note 2 will come with JellyBean, the latest Android version. It’s predicted that Google will announce its new mobile platform at Google I/O later this week.

Analysts predict that the iPhone 5 will “break sales records” and give Apple even more of the smartphone market share. Gartner says that despite Android’s lead in the smartphone OS market, iOS’ market share has grown faster than Google’s in the past quarters, helped mainly by the iPhone 4s.

The iPhone 5 should arrive shortly after iOS 6 in the first or second week of October, according to experts, and the iOS 6’s features give away some of the iPhone 5’s features, like LTE, a larger display and mobile payment. Experts also thimk that the iPhone 5 will “crush” competitiors like Samsung.

Michael Harper of Red Orbit thinks that iPhone 5 will focus on wireless payment based on a new feature called “Passbook.” He thinks that iOS 6 shows Apple is heading towards a wider mobile payment system that will compete with Google Wallet and all the mobile devices that support it, like the Samsung Galaxy S3.

If the Note 2 rumors are true, then Samsung may have two devices fighting the iPhone 5. Can Apple retain customer loyalty and garner new customers against this onslaught? Will Samsung win this time because it offers more choice? Can the Windows Phone 8 get anywhere against these two giants?

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