Apple Relentlessly Criticized Over iPhone 5

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Not many people will blame Samsung for feeling angry at Apple when they were labelled copyright thieves during the recent patent trial. Samsung were told to pay $1 billion to Apple and Samsung have recently gone out of their way to mock every new feature that the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5, has to offer.

Samsung pursues iPhone 5 relentlessly with string of ads

This is not something new and Apple may wish to consider the fact they did it with Microsoft. So in all fairness Apple cannot complain about the Samsung ads. Of course iPhone 5 fans will not appreciate or see the funny side of the Samsung ads and this could increase anger between users of iOS and Android fans given how relentless Samsung has been.

Android users have said that Jelly Bean is better than iOS 6, and with the problems that iOS 6 is having with Apple maps, this could be true. Apple maps are having many problems at the moment and are providing ammo for Samsung to use by way of future TV ads. However overall, it has to be said that iOS 6 is an improvement.

So what do you think of the new Samsung TV and print ads which put down the iPhone 5?

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