Apple iPhone 5 Sales Weakening [REPORT]

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Research from OTR Global has said that the Apple iPhone 5 will miss expectations. They think that the 2013 Q1 shipment will be around 35 to 37 million units. At the moment the estimate is in the 47 million mark.

iPhone 5 sales weaken

However the disappointing sales of the Apple iPhone 5 perhaps aren’t surprising suggests Forbes. Analysts did have the same concerns on Sunday, which saw Citigroup downgrade the rating on Apple from “Buy” to “Neutral”

The question now is how much money Apple may be able to make without selling anything?

Analysts at Citi said: We have just returned from meetings with the hardware supply chain in Asia. Early in the week, we would characterize the Apple supply chain as optimistic about Q1 2013 prospects, by week’s end evidence of Apple order cuts to some suppliers had emerged…it is unlikely that Apple is cutting orders in a “great” demand environment.

Apple has seen a dramatic drop from September when they enjoyed highs of $750, to the $350 per share. This has created a great deal of buzz, with the run up of $400 at the beginning of the year.

There is also speculation over competitors of Apple’s, namely Samsung, who is said to have caught up, or even passed Apple, in regards to phone tech. The Samsung Galaxy S3 remains ahead of the iPhone 5 as the best-seller of 2012.

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