iPhone 5 Sales Surprisingly Fall Below Expectations

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The launch of the iPhone 5 was supposed to bring with it record breaking sales of up to 10 million, but sales have not gone as well as Wall Street though they might. This has led to the stock of Apple falling 2% in pre-market trading.

Apple’s 5 million iPhone 5 units sold fall below analyst predictions

When the iPhone 4S was released, more than four million handsets were sold within three days of it being on sale, which led to analysts predicting that there would be a leap this year in the sales of the new iPhone 5, over the weekend. Analysts predicted last week that sales of six million would be the worst possible scenario.

The new iPhone 5 went on sale on Friday of last week in 22 countries and Apple managed to move 5 million units but continue to struggle with supplies. Apple said that they would like to thank everyone for their patience and they would continue working hard to supply iPhones for those who order one.

The Samsung Galaxy S3, released in the summer, sold more than 10 million units in two months. Along with announcing the sales figures, Apple also announced that iOS 6, which is the latest OS from Apple, was now installed on over 100 million devices. These included older versions of the iPhone, iPads and iPods. According to Apple the OS represented over a quarter of the total iOS user base.

However the new OS has not been without its problems. Apple Maps have been criticized for its omissions. This replaced Google Maps on iOS 6. Apple did say that the quality will be improved as more people use it and report problems and location information is updated.

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