‘iPhone 5’ Readily Available In Shenyang Stores, Apple Can’t Stop It Due To China Laws

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Around the rest of the world we are waiting for the launch of the iPhone 5, which is expected to be 12th September. However in China fans have already had a taste of the iPhone 5 thanks to an ice cream which has been a huge hit.

iPhone 5 ice cream a surprisingly huge hit

In Shenyang the ice cream is a best-selling product and enjoyed by the young and old. The people who dreamed up the ice cream, Deshi Group, wanted to bring in more customers and used the influence of the iPhone to do so. One shop owner said that he could sell around 50 of the Apple shaped ice creams each day, compared to 10 of the other brands. The ice cream is shaped just like the famous Apple logo, complete with the missing piece that has been bitten off. The wrapper has a picture of a smartphone and iPhone 5 written on it.

Apple however will not be suing them thanks to the fact that in China, Apple needs to trademark all 45 classes of their iPhone. However they only could secure 27 industries and the remainder has been registered by companies in China. They can get away with calling it the iPhone 5 since Apple didn’t register the brand name in the food sector. Deshi put in an application for the trademark iPhone 5 last year and as yet they are still waiting for approval for it, despite having their iPhone 5 ice cream on the shelves.

Of course, it doesn’t matter at all since once the iPhone 5 is out the ice cream will lose its popularity. If anything, the Deshi Group should be looking towards and iPhone 6 and 7 ice cream. And even possibly consider an Apple flavor (that’s right, it comes in many flavors but surprisingly no Apple).

iPhone 5 ice cream

iPhone 5 ice cream

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