iPhone 5: Another Big Rumored Feature Shot Down

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The iPhone 5 release date is now expected to be less than a month away and there seem to be some intel which suggests we may not be getting exactly what was initially speculated.

No NFC for iPhone 5, may handicap Passbook app

There have been rumors going around that the new iPhone 5 will have support for NFC. However according to ZDNET, they are just rumors and the new handset will not be shipped with the hardware.

Quoting AnandTech, ZDNET says that the chip which caused the rumors about the device having NFC is not a Near Field Communication chip after all. They have come to this conclusion thanks to the rear design of the iPhone 5. They claim that due to the glass window at the top being so small that NFC can be ruled out.

Jim Dalrymple from the Loop also confirmed that the new iPhone 5 would not have NFC support. If this happens to be true then Apple could be set back by another year in comparison to Android devices that are already on the market and which contain the chip for NFC. It would also mean that the Passbook app which is said to be shipping with iOS 6 would be crippled and Apple would not be making the most of the app.

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