iPhone 5 Loses Another Long Rumored Feature

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Last week, we reported on an Apple leak which suggested that the upcoming iPhone 5 would not have an NFC chip after all. This week, there may be another long rumored feature which will not be making its way into the new iPhone 5.

iPhone 5: No Audience noise suppression tech inside

According to MacRumors, Audience have said that it is very unlikely that Apple will make use of their noise suppression tech in the new iPhone 5 which is set to be launched on the 12th of September.

It was thought that the tech would be one of the key innovations that would give Siri support on the iPhone 4S and there were rumors going around that Apple had licensed the technology for their future products i.e. iPhone 5. However something must have upset the Cupertino based company as today’s announcement is quite a shocker.

The decision by Apple not to include the tech in the iPhone 5 is sure to have a negative impact on the financial picture of Audience. This is down the fact that they would have received royalties one quarter after the iPhone was sold to the end users. Peter Santos, chief executive officer, said that they were disappointed but that the company were confident of seeing growth in 2012 and beyond.

The company’s stock however declined by 40% following the announcement and it is not clear what type of voice processing tech Apple have chosen to use with the iPhone 5.

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