Dissecting iPhone 5 Rumors: What To (& Not To) Expect

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The iPhone 4S has been out for almost a year now and it is time for Apple to reveal their latest incarnation. There have been many rumors flying around about what the iPhone 5 may bring, but are any of these likely to be true?

iPhone 5 rumors: what’s possible (and what isn’t)

One of the rumors that have caused a great deal of buzz is that the device will have a different design to previous models. It is thought that this time around the device will be taller and thinner and the design will be a unibody aluminium chassis. It should have a metal panel with a window at the bottom and the top for better reception and the device should be available in either white or black. Possible? Yes. Why? This is simple because Apple needs to release an iPhone that is redesigned from the ground up. The iPhone 3G and 3GS looked identical. Then came along the iPhone 4 & 4S which looked identical to each other. So it is time for the iPhone 5 to start the cycle again.

Rumor has it that the headphone jack will be moved to the bottom of the handset and it is thought that the camera will be situated above the speaker. One of the biggest changes that have everyone talking is the smaller dock connector. Recently there was a leak of a photo of the USB cable and it is smaller and seems to be double sided. This would mean that previous accessories will not work with the new handset. Of course Apple could be releasing an adapter to remedy this. Possible? Yes. Why? Apple ran into trouble with its antenna placement in the iPhone 4 and they are definitely not going to make as mistake with the iPhone 5. So we can expect some rearranging to occur. Furthermore, if rumors serve true then Apple will also be sticking in LTE radios and an NFC chip. So the current components may definitely need to be juggled around.

The display is another rumor and it is thought that the iPhone 5 display may be changed to an aspect ratio of 16:9 and it could have a resolution of 1136 x 640 and be 4 inches. It is thought that there will be an additional 176 vertical lines to the display on the iPhone 4S. Possible? Yes. Why? The current trend of smartphones is larger displays and the iPhone has been stuck at 3.5-inches since its inception.

It is also thought that the latest iPhone will have the in-cell touch display which would allow the handsets profile to be slimmer than other iPhones. The Wall Street Journal said that Japan Display along with LG and Sharp were making the screen for Apple and LG have already confirmed that they are manufacturing in cell technology. Possible? Unlikely. Why? When it comes to the iPhone, Apple hasn’t neccessarily paid attention to making it as thin as possible. Sure, they did that with their iPad and MacBooks generation after generation. The iPhone however appears to be satisfied with being a little thick, possibly because it does give it that weight and “premium feel”. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is extremely light which is nice but at the same time makes the device feel fragile and cheap.

There are also rumours that the handset will have the A5X processor and there have been suggestions that the handset will have LTE support. Fans of the handset are hoping that the device will have 1GB of RAM at least and some are saying that the handset will support NFC to make good use of the Passbook feature in iOS6. Possible? Yes. Why? Because that is the current trend of smartphones. If Apple expects the iPhone 5 to survive the next couple of years in the quick moving smartphone market, it better stick give it the best processor on the market right now and all the available goodies.

Of course there is also the matter of what the handset might be called. For now everyone is calling it the iPhone 5, however there is a rumour that is will just be called, the New iPhone.

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