Forget LTE, iPhone 5 Packs Another Surprise [PICS]

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We’ve been hearing a lot about the iPhone 5 in the past few months and with its release date now expected to be only weeks away, things are continuing to heat up. The latest rumor now suggests that the iPhone 5 may be adopting a certain technology that has been around for a while but not exactly taken off.

iPhone 5 rumored to bring NFC as well

There have been many rumors about the upcoming iPhone 5 hardware and a recently leaked photo shows that the iPhone 5 has a mystery little chip inside, which InformationWeek believes will support near field communication. The photo showed parts of the handset, but there was an addition that had been missing from other leaked photos of the rumored iPhone 5 assembly. This was a component that was square shaped and which was covered with EMI shielding and it matches dimensions of NFC packages such as the 5 x 5 millimeter one of NXP.

iPhone 5 may become ultimate launch vehicle for NFC

At the moment there is no indication of what the component will be used for, but more than likely it will be the secret weapon from Apple for their latest iPhone 5, NFC. The technology has made it onto smartphones already, including the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Blackberries, among others. It can be used to share contact information and files and pairs with Bluetooth.

The Google Nexus uses NFC with Google Wallet so users can set up their debit cards which can then be used by tapping the phone to make payments. So if the tech is already out, why is it so important on the iPhone 5? The answer is that the iPhone reaches the masses and hence so will NFC be adopted by the masses.

At the moment paying by mobile is not standardized and solutions are varied. Google Wallet for instance works with Android devices, while stores such as Starbucks and Home Depot have their own payment apps, and then there is PayPal and ISIS, which hasn’t yet got off the ground in a big way on mobile phones.

When Apple brought out iTunes they quickly got movie studios and recording labels on their side and today they are one of the largest libraries of music. Apple could do the same for mobile payments and financial institutions and could be what NFC has been waiting for.

iPhone 5 component leaked

iPhone 5 component leaked

If NFC is included in the new iPhone 5 and they sell the 200 million handsets Apple believes they will then NFC will be in the big time and of course Apple have already included Passbook, their ticket organizer, into iOS 6 in preparation for the iPhone 5.

It is thought that the iPhone 5 will be launched on 12th September and carriers including AT&T and Verizon could have it for sale as soon as 21st September.

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