Why iPhone 5 Will Stick With Old School Display (PN)

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With the rumored launch date for the iPhone 5 coming ever closer we are seeing more and more prototype images of the device on the net. Most of these show us what the handset may look like and according to PocketNow (PN), looks may be deceiving. They are referring to rumors that  Apple will switch from the 4:3 aspect ratio to the 16:9 due to a larger 4-inch screen.

iPhone 5 widescreen rumors

But if this is true, does it make sense? Apple has in the past done things that haven’t made sense, so it’s possible they could do it this time again with the new iPhone 5. You have to also consider the fact that Apple never goes against something that has been very successful, and the current iPhone design has been just that, successful in 4:3. So surely the rumors about the different aspect ratio must be untrue and PN explains why.

Apple is the masters of prototyping and is known to build different models of a product to get a feel for them before going ahead and building them. Apple could have drawn attention from the real deal with one of their prototypes so as to keep the iPhone 5 a secret until launch.

Another reason to suggest that the aspect ratio will not be changed to 16:9 is the fact that many users type in the landscape orientation. If they were to stretch out the keyboard to fit the ratio it would leave very little room for anything else but the keyboard, on the screen.

Then there is the problem with having black bars on the bottom and top of the screen when watching a 4:3 movie on the screen with the result being a smaller picture. In short 16:9 is far too complicated for implementation on the iPhone claims PocketNow.

Source: PocketNow

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