Very Convincing iPhone 5 Leak Officially Dismissed

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A leaked photo that was recently posted online of a part that was said to be from the upcoming iPhone 5 has turned out to be just a hoax that was started by a company in Sweden.

iPhone 5 screw proven to be fake

Hungry tech fans it seems will believe almost anything that is leaked about the new iPhone 5 and this was the case when the photo of a screw was published. The text that went along with it said that the screw was posted online bringing in around 25,000 views. The screw was said to be made in such a way that it would not allow users of the iPhone 5 to tamper with their handsets.

However, Nyheter 24 revealed the photo to be nothing more than a hoax, started by members of staff at Day4, a Swedish online video company. The head of the company said that the rumor had been started just to find out if it was possible to begin an iPhone 5 rumor in this way and to alert the public how easy it is to fool people.

Very quickly the rumor led to people saying that Apple had gone to extreme lengths to stop people tampering with their iPhone 5. CultofMac for instance began saying that Apple were working on a screw that would lock your device, in just 12 hours from the original post of the photo. Lindell said that it was easy to fool people and that people should be critical when considering what they read online.

They did apologize to their readers saying that their prank had a purpose. They said they were sorry if people felt they had been cheated. The moral is to think and consider before believing everything you read online, especially when it comes to Apple products.


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