Gizmodo: “World’s First iPhone 5 Review”

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What is the point of hanging around and waiting for people to post the same glowing reviews about the new iPhone 5 when it is announced asks Gizmodo?

Well there really isn’t any point and so they had someone design a mock-up of Apple’s latest iPhone f5 rom the leaked specs and thanks to components from other devices that will be used in the new handset and came up with what is the “world’s first iPhone 5 review”. So will it differ a great deal from the official reviews that are sure to follow the launch of the device later today? Well check out some highlights of the the Gizmodo “iPhone 5 review” below which we think may be right on cue, and then compare them against what we will see in in a few hours to find out if they hit the mark.

Gizmodo: World’s first iPhone 5 review

While the iPhone 4 was said to be industrial looking, it was great on the eye but it wasn’t without problems of which one was the antenna. Apple have now evolved and while the iPhone 5 is not a long way off from the iPhone 4S, it is thin enough to be different. Thanks to the slim form it is easier to hold in the hand, it feels great in the pocket and when the device is pressed against the face. The curved edges are subtle and they bring about a warm feel.

The new camera app has a superb hardware shutter and the assistant works great when it comes to dictation and giving voice commands. The iOS 6 package is fully completed on the lock screen with a dedicated camera button for taking quick snaps.

iCloud, while not being the best thing since sliced bread is a decent system for back up, however it is rather a bit of a let-down. The Photostream will allow you to send you pics from your device to your other devices running iOS, however this is limited to 30 days and then its only through Wi-Fi. There is also no way that you can delete anything you don’t want others to see from the stream. On the plus side you can back up your contacts and settings.

The processor is the A5 that we have come to love on the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5 is quick to load and runs apps a great deal faster than the iPhone 4S does.

The screen looks better than any iPhone screen to date.

So if you are asking whether the new iPhone 5 is worth buying, the answer is definitely yes. It is a big improvement over the best smartphone on the market at the moment and there is no reason to rush out and get your hands on one.

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