iPhone 5: Is It Worth The Higher Price Tag?

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The iPhone 5 is finally here in all its glory with pre-orders having started last Friday. The big question is should you be getting in line to get your hands on the device on the 21st September?

iPhone 5: is it worth paying more for?

The iPhone 5 is a big change over previous models of the iPhone as it comes with a 4 inch screen and a processor that Apple say is twice as fast. However another thing to have changed since Apple first launched the iPhone in 2007 is that they are no longer unchallenged in the smartphone world.

Today there are a range of handsets out that have screens that are larger than the iPhone 5 and which have more features and design choices. Fans of the iPhone will love the fact that it has 4G LTE, but this is the norm for Android fans. The iPhone 5 now has a great deal of competition and is not necessarily the must-have handset any more. But should you buy it?

If you have an iPhone as your current phone then the iPhone 5 may be perfect for you due to the fact that you will have purchased apps that you can use with the new device, have a ton of accessories (you will need an adapter though), and are generally very comfortable with iOS.

On the topic of iOS, it is known to be one of the best operating systems out there thanks to its simplicity, stability and distinct style. Although Android has improved with Jelly Bean.

On the other hand you may not want an iPhone if your bank account will suffer as there are numerous handsets for cheaper out there which can offer the same set of features. The HTC One X for example is half the price of the iPhone 5 and matches the iPhone hardware to a tee. The Samsung Galaxy S3 also comes in cheaper than the iPhone 5 and not only can match the iPhone 5 but also top it in some respects.

If you want a larger display then the iPhone 5 is also not for you. There are phones out there such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with a display of 5.5 inches, however the norm now seems to be between 4.3-inches and 4.8-inches.

While the iPhone brand was synonymous with innovation in the past, the iPhone 5 isn’t as revolutionary as it would have hoped. So it may no longer warrant having to pay extra for features which are now considered a norm among smartphones.

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