iPhone 5 Review (From A Samsung Galaxy Fan)

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A user was recently ready to ditch the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the obvious choice to go for was the Samsung Galaxy S3. However the Apple iPhone 5 had been launched and it was taking record numbers of orders and so they thought that they would try out the Apple iPhone 5.

Of course the Apple iPhone 5 is a vast improvement over the Samsung Galaxy S2 due to the fact that iOS 6 is on the Apple iPhone 5 and this is better than iOS5. The Apple iPhone 5 is lighter and it is thinner than the Samsung Galaxy S2 and it has excellent tech.

The display is 4 inches while the display of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is 4.3 inches. This will not be such a big difference. The display of the Apple iPhone 5 though is better and it is easier to read in sunlight. The Apple iPhone 5 has better sound than the Samsung Galaxy S2.

The processor of the Apple iPhone 5 is faster and due to this apps load faster. The camera also opens faster and it can take photos a lot quicker. The data speeds are great thanks to it having LTE, which was the only concern of mine. You can get around a day out of the device, while the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S2 does get hot, the one on the Apple iPhone 5 doesn’t. The Apple iPhone 5 is worth the upgrade thanks to the data, battery and the processor.

The device is let down by Apple maps as Google maps is better. However the turn by turn directions are superb and it works fast. The map app from Apple uses less data.

iOS6 has more than 200 features and one of them is the panorama mode. Siri is great and there is integration for Facebook.

If you are choosing between the two devices then you are in for a real treat. However if you were to be considering between the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 this would be something else. The Apple iPhone 5 comes with the better looks and of course the camera works best in low light. On the downside getting to settings for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is a real problem. There is the drawback for those who are used to Android in that iOS is not as customisable. I missed the widgets and customisation. When it came to the hardware both the devices were easily matched and so really the choice came down to settings and the home screen. If you don’t mind giving up these then you might want to choose the Apple iPhone 5 and have a change.

Owners of handsets that were bought before 2011 might want to consider either the Apple iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3 as both handsets are an improvement, however the most suitable for you will come down to the OS.

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