iPhone 5 Review: 5 Minutes With The World’s Most Wanted Gadget

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We recently had the privilege to play with the iPhone 5 for 5 minutes and as many of you may be queuing up right now to get your hands on one, here are our first impressions of the next-generation Apple phone.

iPhone 5 review: 5-minute hands on with Apple’s new phone

The phone does feel a lot lighter than the iPhone 4S does but it also seems to be less sturdy. The screen gives the WOW factor. While it is not Super AMOLED, the colours are saturated far more than on the iPhone 4S and the display is better than any IPS display, including the HTC One X which we loved.

What wasn’t very apparent during the ten minutes of playing with the iPhone 5 was an increase in the speed of the device. But I am sure it’s there. The headphone jack, now situated at the bottom of the handset is very awkward. Maybe it is something that will take time to get used to after having it at the top for the past 5 years. However the new ear buds are amazing and stay in the ears. Apple said they have updated Siri and it does seem to work better than ever.

While some have complained about the new Lightning connector, it is easier to connect and use, which is a bonus. The handset tested was on the Verizon network and the call quality was outstanding while 4G LTE blazingly quick in SF.

At first the 16:9 screen ratio takes some getting used to, it does seem weird when you first hold the device. However once you have gotten used to it, you may find you like it. The maps app looks ok but wasn’t tested while driving and the photos from the camera seem to be about the same as those taken on the iPhone 4S.

Overall I liked the iPhone 5 better than what I thought, however this could have been down to the fact that I was among the first to get my hands on it. Is it revolutionary and magical? Sadly no. But it has caught up to the current technology out on the market and its design changes, while subtle, don’t go unnoticed. If you’re due for an upgrade, I would suggest going with the iPhone 5 and not waiting another year. It is more of a jump than the 4 to 4S was, and judging by Apple’s release cycles the next iPhone will likely be almost identical to this one but with some minor tweaks.

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