iPhone 5 Review Roundup: What Do Tech Gurus Really Think?

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Apple has given some reviewers the chance to play with the iPhone 5 thanks to an early review unit of their latest iPhone. The iPhone 5 will be out on the 21st September and here are some of the snippets taken from the top tech gurus who had the privilege of reviewed the handset ahead of its official release.

iPhone 5 review roundup: the experts weight in

Jim Dalrymple on behalf of The Loop said: If you told me that I would be able to see another few rows of emails or more of a Web page, I don’t know that I would see the importance, but when you look at the iPhone 5, it’s more than that. You have to see it to get an idea of what can be done.

Pocket Lint reviewer Stuart Miles had this to say about the iPhone 5: It is now chamfered and while that looks pretty, we’ve already noticed that on the black model the edge has started to wear, revealing the shiny silver aluminium metal underneath the “slate” coloured coating and, indeed, we’ve witnessed it on two separate models, ruling out a fluke manufacturing error.

A review for the Wall Street Journal was in the hands of Walt Mossberg who had this to say about the iPhone 5: I found the new iPhone screen much easier to hold and manipulate than its larger rivals and preferred it. In my view, Apple’s approach makes the phone far more comfortable to use, especially one-handed.

David Pogue from the New York Times commented that: the camera is among the best ever put into a phone. Its lowlight shots blow away the same efforts from an iPhone 4S… It’s just too bad about that connector change. Doesn’t Apple worry about losing customer loyalty and sales?

Meanwhile Tim Stevens reviewed the phone for Engadget and said: On our standard battery rundown test, in which we loop a video with LTE and WiFi enabled and social accounts pinging at regular intervals, the iPhone 5 managed a hugely impressive 11 hours and 15 minutes.

Luke Peters for T3 said: Given that iPhone 4S users can upgrade to iOS 6 and do just about everything the iPhone 5 can do, and that Android users can get similarly impressive handsets for less dosh, we reckon the smart money won’t all be going on a new iPhone this year, even if the mass market can’t get enough of it. It’s good, very good. But it’s no longer the best around.

Finally the last word on the iPhone 5 comes from MG Siegler from TechCrunch who said: One nice side effect of the letterboxing is that the iOS system elements can still use the larger screen. So, for example, when Push Notifications come in, they flip down from the top of the screen and settle perfectly above the 3.5-inch app (as opposed to on top of it).

Fans however will have to wait until the 21st September before they can get their hands on the new iPhone 5 and see whether they agree or disagree with the reviews.

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