iPhone 5 Review: Hit & A Miss!

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The iPhone 5 has received almost only praises from its reviews by the top tech experts from around the web. We gave it a 4 out of 5 as well. Given how lengthy iPhone 5 reviews are, we thought of highlighting just the two biggest (and two weakest) features of the iPhone 5 are so you can decide whether you want to get one or not.

iPhone 5 review: 2 hits, 2 misses

One of the good points about the iPhone 5 is that it is very fast. It’s not just the browsing speeds on LTE that are fast, it is the entire device. It is a lot faster than the iPhone 4S and some say, even the iPad. The iPhone 5 alerts of new emails through push two times the speed of the iPad and three times the speed of the iPhone 4S.
Of course LTE also means that data speeds are superb and a lot faster than the internet at home plus the A6 chip ensure speedy operation.

Another plus is the display of the new iPhone 5 at 4 inches. The device is now taller with a different aspect ratio and until you hold the device in your hand, you may think this was a foolish idea. However, the display is now the perfect size.

On the downside Apple have included their own Apple Maps app and it stinks, this is a worry as Apple are always perfectionists and this time they messed up big time. The app has people laughing and it has had them lost, going in the wrong direction and frustrated.

Another huge disappointment is the fact that the aluminum on the new iPhone 5 on the back of the phone is prone to scuffing and scratches very easily. While the back may look great when you take it out from the box, on saying this devices have been scuffed in the box. So it won’t remain that way for very long if you have keys in your pocket or decide to skip putting it in a case..

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