iPhone 5 Review: An “Expensive Piece Of Garbage”

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At least one person is starting to get mad at the iPhone 5 and they are seriously considering making a move away, if the next gen phone doesn’t come with plenty of bells and whistles to entice them. The Apple iPhone is a great phone for software; however it is when the device comes to hardware that things go wrong.

The folks over at Product-Reviews explain that one of the things that needs changing on the next gen iPhone 6 is for it not to scratch as easily as the Apple iPhone 5. The Apple iPhone 5 is nothing more than an expensive piece of garbage states PR.

The iPhone 5 looked great at first as it was taller and thinner, along with being lighter. Plus the software is great. The OS is one of the easiest to use and this makes keeping all iOS device in sync easy.

The hardware is nothing short of being disgusting and PR have owned numerous phones in their time and there is nothing that can be compared to the Apple iPhone 5. It scratches easily, the on and off button is constantly sticking and you need to press it four or five times to get it to work. Then there is an issue with 3G, whether this is the carriers fault or the issue lies with the last update to iOS 6 is anyone’s guess, but their going with the OS.

The iPhone 4S was the best phone to have been built by Apple and it is far better than the Apple iPhone 5. This device took a beating before it scuffed and scratched concludes PR. The build quality of the Apple iPhone 5 is below par and this needs to change with the next iPhone.

While this may just be the rants of one angry PR reviewer. When the blog took to Google+ with their iPhone 5 review, they got some likeminded responses:

Comment 1) Only just coming around to this conclusion. Most people realised, with the release of Android 4+, just how far iOS is behind.

Comment 2) Not the software? Interesting – To be honest I think that all phones suffer from this, especially if you keep them in a pocket with keys, etc and don’t have a case. I’ve seen similar examples of previous iPhones with that kind of damage when treated in that way also.

Comments 3) One Google+ follower said that the iPhone 5 scratches too easy IMO, and another said that it is a known issue and Apple will exchange your handset free of charge if you book an appointment, I did this three weeks ago after receiving a couple minor scuffs on the bezel and they dealt with it. you hoping that Apple do better with the next model?

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