iPhone 5 Review By a Samsung Galaxy User

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I’m about ready to part from my Samsung Galaxy S2 and while the S3 was the obvious choice, I was bitten by the curiosity bug when the iPhone 5 launched and took a record number of pre-orders. So before taking the plunge, I thought I’d give the iPhone 5 a whirl given that I had used the iPhone before back in 2008 for two years.

iPhone 5 review by an Android user

Looking at the iPhone 5 it is a big improvement over the Samsung Galaxy S2, this is mainly due to the fact that the iPhone 5 has iOS 6 on it that is a huge step up over iOS 5. The iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter than the S2 and Apple have put a lot of excellent technology into the device that was limited to Android devices in the past.

The iPhone 5 comes with a display of 4 inches, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S2 has a 4.3 inch display. There will not be much difference here when moving to the iPhone 5. However the display of the iPhone 5 is a lot better than that of the S2. It’s sharper and easier to read in direct sunlight. The iPhone 5 also has better sound playback quality than the S2.

The processor in the iPhone 5 is a lot faster than the one in the S2 and so apps load faster. The camera opens fast and so takes photos a lot quicker than with the S2. Data speeds are up to par now thanks to 4G LTE, which was my number one concern when upgrading in 2012. You should be able to get a full day from the battery and that’s even when using it heavily. The battery on the S2 gets hot, whereas the one on the iPhone 5 does not. Therefore thanks to the faster processor, data speeds and battery, the iPhone 5 is worth upgrading to alone.

Apple maps of course is a let-down and Google Maps with the S2 is better. On the other hand turn by turn directions are great and work fast and the POI data is quite accurate. The map app from Apple also uses the least amount of data.

iOS 6 comes with 200 new features and one of these is a panorama mode. Siri is fasterd and integration for Facebook is in iOS 6 which is something I got used to with Android since Gingerbread. iOS 6 is a vast improvement over any other OS from Apple.

If you are debating on whether to move from the Samsung Galaxy S2 to the iPhone 5 you’re in for a treat. However if you are considering between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, this is another story. The iPhone 5 has the better looks and the camera works well in low light. However there is no easy way to get at Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, thanks to them being buried inside the Settings of the iPhone 5. Another drawback for Android users considering iOS is the lack of customisation. I did miss my widgets and simple customisations like hiding the apps you don’t use and putting the ones you do in clear view. Hardware wise I found both the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 on par, so it just came down to quick Settings and the homescreen customisation for me. If you’re ok with giving these two up then the iPhone 5 will be a refreshing change.

If you have a device that is older than 2011 then the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3 will both be huge improvement. What it will come down to is which OS you want.

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