iPhone 5 Review: Where Has The Magic Gone?

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The new Apple iPhone 5 is an improvement over the iPhone 4S. The handset is lighter, taller, it has a larger display and the processor has been updated. It now also works on 4G LTE. While it may be an improvement over the new device, when all is said and done, it is not bringing anything to the smartphone game that we haven’t already seen from rivals.

iPhone 5 review

While the iPhone 5 feels good to hold, people didn’t use to complain about the size of the iPhone 4S and the weight was good too. About the only thing better with the iPhone 5 is actually the display and the fact that the iPhone 5 can now connect to fast data speeds. However this isn’t exactly revolutionary as we have been seeing LTE smartphones with bigger displays since early 2011.

When comparing the iPhone 5 running on Verizon 4G and the iPhone 4S on 3G, there is a noticeable difference. However if you happen to get the iPhone 5 with AT&T or Sprint be warned that their LTE coverage isn’t as big as Verizon, making the faster 4G speeds of the iPhone 5 moot depending on your location.

One of the changes to the iPhone 5 was the operating system thanks to iOS 6. However there is no need to go out and buy a new iPhone 5, as you can get iOS 6 for the older models. The iPhone 4S for example has all the iOS 6 features that the iPhone 5 has and isn’t like in the case of iOS 5 last year where we saw the 4S get Siri but not the iPhone 4.

iOS 6 of course has also received a lot of criticism, especially when it comes to the Apple maps app as it gives users turn by turn directions.

If you want to upgrade to the iPhone 5 but are still in contract, then you could check to find out how much you would have to pay to get out. It could work out cheaper to pay off the contract than to pay for an unlocked iPhone 5. You can then sell your old iPhone and put that money towards paying off the contract.

The bottom line is that the iPhone 5 is worth making the upgrade to if you don’t have to pay through the nose for it. Otherwise you may wish to consider the next best thing – Samsung Galaxy S3, which of course comes with virtually everything the iPhone 5 has, but a couple of extras like a larger display, larger (and removable) battery, expandable storage, NFC, 6 color choices and is available for less via third party retailers.

While iPhone users would prefer to upgrade to another iPhone (I am in the same boat), the iPhone 5 lacks that “magic” that made the brand such an icon. With complaints of the body being easily scuffed and Apple’s vendetta against all things Google (Google Maps, YouTube), it has certainly taken the thrill off jumping on the latest greatest hardware that comes out of Cupertino. At least it has for me.

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