iPhone 5 Review: No Longer The Clear-Cut Choice

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While there has been some improvements on the iPhone 5 over its predecessor, there is not much by way of innovation. So is the iPhone 5 still the best smartphone or is it no longer cut and dry?

iPhone 5 review: a look at Apple’s new icon

The iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter than previous models, and most competitors. It comes with a 4 inch display and while none of the features on it make the jaw drop, there is no denying that the iPhone 5 is impressive.

It comes with the A6 processor from Apple and it connects to 4G LTE for faster data speeds. The device can show you search queries from Google at lighting speeds. It boots up 3D maps fast and it will generate buildings quickly.

The 4 inch display is better than 3.5 inches, however there are devices out there with screen of 4.5 plus inches and higher resolutions, and this means that the iPhone 5 display is no longer cutting edge. The iPhone 5 is longer as opposed to being chunkier and it is comfortable to hold in the hand.

The display has a resolution of 1136 x 640 resolution with 326ppiS. The display is great for playing games and browsing the web. However there are problems with apps such as Netflix and YouTube, which have not been updated and so show black bars top and bottom.

Another talked about features is the iSight camera in the iPhone 5. The back camera can take better photos in low light, however more impressive is the front camera which can shoot video in HD at 720p. The photos have also been improved on the front camera, which means it is now useful for more than video calling. There is also a panorama mode and the iPhone 5 can take extended wide shots which look excellent. However this is not a real step up from the already great iPhone 4S camera.

The design is as good as ever and the screen is said to be harder to crack than on previous models. However there are bad points about the new iPhone 5 and one of these is the fact that its aluminum body is softer than glass, meaning that it scuffs easily. Also Apple chose to go with their own map software. Google maps is no longer around and Apple maps do not provide information about public transport plus have many mapping errors already discussed.

There is now a smaller connector on the iPhone 5, called Lightning. However this means that older accessories do not work unless you spring for an adapter. The earphones have also been updated and are now called EarPods and Apple say that they fit better, however I didn’t think so.

While there have been improvements on the new iPhone 5, the choices for purchasing a new smartphone is not as cut and dry as it was when Apple released their first iPhone. There are other handsets on the market that outdo the iPhone 5. However on saying this the iPhone 5 is still very much as superb handset and will not disappoint Apple fans. But I can’t go as far as saying it is revolutionary or “magical” like the original.

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