iPhone 5 Review: The Last Phone You’ll Ever Need, Again

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There is just something about the iconic iPhone brand that has rumors of the device start from a whole year before its launch, and then shatter sales records year after year without fail. How Apple has managed to design a device that convinces customers that this “one size fits all” device is the only one that you will ever need, never seizes to amaze me. And the truly remarkable thing is that they managed to do it on a yearly basis without looking back.

iPhone 5 review: the last phone you’ll ever need (until the next iPhone)

Some tech fans were a little disappointed when Apple revealed the new iPhone 5. This was due to it being evolutionary as opposed to being revolutionary. However after having the handset for just one single day I can tell you that you shouldn’t be hesitant about going out and getting it. Apple have taken the iPhone and refined it and it is now so close to the device that everyone hoped that it would one day be.

While the iPhone 5 has undergone some design changes, it is still very recognisable as an iPhone. It has a larger display of 4 inches, but it looks almost identical to other generations, apart from the device being longer.

The casing is now aluminum instead of glass and the white model also has raw aluminium, while the black has a jet black coating. There have been some reports of the black coating being easy to scratch, so you may want to put in it a case or go with the white one.

The screen of 1135 x 640 pixels is large enough for an extra row of icons  and the display looks brighter than on the iPhone 4S and is remains a Retina display. Developers have to work to make the apps fit the display and some have black bars top and bottom. This is evident on video apps which include Netflix.

The iPhone 5 is very fast and Apple was right about the device being twice as fast as the iPhone 4S. It also uses 4G LTE in the US and once you have used 4G you won’t want to go back to 3G. Now you can enjoy speeds of around 25 to 40Mbps, as opposed to 2Mbps with 3G on the iPhone 4S.

The camera has received an upgrade to its 8 megapixels and takes better photos in low light. It can also take panoramic photos very easily and it stitches them together very fast. iOS 6 brings numerous new features to the iPhone 5, but there are some downsides (Apple Maps). Users can now attached images in email and respond to calls via text message. PassBook is also a welcome feature for taking care of movie tickets and boarding passes.

YouTube has gone, along with Google maps, in replacement is Apple maps. Apple maps brings turn by turn navigation to the iPhone 5, but it should be classified as a beta app at this stage.

If you are a lifelong fan of the iPhone then you would not regret upgrading to the iPhone 5. It is a superb handset that is easy to use and Apple have put the device together very well, just as they always do.

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