iPhone 5 Hands On: It’s (Almost) Perfect

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Three things have gone towards the iPhone 5 being successful. First is the design as Apple is well known for their obsession for attention to details when it comes to hardware and software.

iPhone 5 hands on

Secondly the inner workings are among some of the very best and have the latest tech which is seen with the Gorilla Glass and the Retina screen.

Thirdly is compatibility. You can be sure that if you need a charger in a hotel room anywhere in the world you can find it if you own an iPhone 5. The same can be said about choices of accessories. This cannot be said with other devices.

The design of the new iPhone 5 is superb in glass and aluminum and the device is 2.3 inches wide with a screen of 4 inches. While this is not as large as some of the devices on the market, it is an advancement over the iPhone 4S. There is the benefit of having an extra row of icons on the home screen and this means messages are better. Another benefit is that the keyboard is larger in landscape so typing is easier.

The phone is a great deal thinner than any previous iPhone and it is very light, weighing in at four ounces. Almost every feature of the iPhone has been updated; these updates include the screen, camera, speed of the device and the sound. The handset now supports 4G LTE which means those living in areas where there is 4G, they can get super-fast speeds.

The display offers superb colour production and the camera on the front can take video at 720p. The battery on the handset lasts up to eight hours, even when on LTE. The camera happens to be one of the very best that has been seen on a phone. In low light it blows the camera on the iPhone 4S away. It also records video in 1080p while taking video at the same time.

On the downside is the connector change which is now called Lightning. While it is a modern connector the downside is that it doesn’t fit any accessories you have for your old iPhone. However Apple is offering an adapter for the new connector, at a price.

Also, I found that being thinner and lighter does make it a little difficult to grip. Sure, it fits snug in the palm of my hand but I miss the weight of the 4S which had me leave it naked. With the iPhone 5, I may just get a bumper so I don’t have to worry about it flying out of my hands.

The iPhone 5 comes with the very latest iOS 6 which has new Apple maps, with Google maps now having gone; and Siri has received an update. There is a new panorama mode on the camera which is easy to use as it stitches the photos together when you take them as you swing around. So should you get the iPhone 5 when there are many other devices on the market in the form of Android and Windows Phone?

The iPhone’s let down is that it doesn’t offer the best when it comes to customization. However the good side is that they are always highly polished and well made.

Furthermore if you have the iPhone 4S on contract and you have to break it then you would have to pay fees. This may mean that the few nips and tucks that come with the iPhone 5 may not be worth it. However if you are out of contact then the iPhone 5 is the ideal next handset.

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