iPhone 5: Did It Deserve All The Hype?

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There was a great deal of hype on the run up to the announcement of the iPhone 5, but was the handset actually worth the chatter? Let’s take a look at what the iPhone 5 brought to the smartphone world to answer that question.

iPhone 5: was all the hype well deserved?

The display of the new iPhone is 4 inches which has pleased many fans of the iPhone. However is still falls short of some of the Android devices on the market today with the average being around 4.5 inches. The processor on the iPhone 5 has been improved and it runs the A6 from Apple which is said to be twice as fast. A leaked Geekbench test showed that while this was true and it was extremely powerful, it still fell short of devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Jelly Bean.

One thing about the new iPhone 5 is that it is very thin. When you pick up the handset it feels as though it may break but as it’s from Apple we can image that it is very sturdy and well made. However it isn’t a large improvement over the 4S and does share many similar design characteristics. We all know the Jimmy Kimmel show where he went around convincing people he had an iPhone 5 in his hand but it was in fact just the 4S. Personally, I prefer to feel as though I am holding onto something and never discounted the iPhone 4S for being too heavy.

One of the biggest differences between the iPhone 5 and 4S is the latest handset supports 4G LTE. However unless you are with AT&T on their 4G you will not be able to talk and browse the internet at the same time using 4G, instead you will have to use Wi-Fi for browsing. But then how many people talk and browse at the same time? It is a common feature in Android devices so we do wonder.

The camera has seen improvements and while the results are not very different from the 4s, they are better. The iPhone 5 has a greater ISO range than the 4S and the lens is larger but the amount of pixels is the same. Apple said color saturation was improved but this really doesn’t seem to be the case, or necessarily a better from what the 4S was already capable of.

The port has been changed to what Apple call Lightning and this has not gone down very well with all those who have accessories for other iPhones.

If you are at the end of a contract for the iPhone 4S then it might be worth upgrading to the iPhone 5. However if you have some time to go on contract then you might want to think twice about paying out fees just to upgrade. I would suggest giving iOS 6 on the iPhone 4S a spin as it comes out on September 19, 2 days before the iPhone 5. You may just save some dollars. However should you have the iPhone 3GS or older then the iPhone 5 is a massive improvement and you will find tons of features that you have been missing out on all this while.

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