iPhone 5 Review: Higher They Are, The Longer The Fall

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Many people were left wondering whether to make the upgrade to the Apple iPhone 5 when it came out if they already had the iPhone 4. The other option was to make the move to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

If you put the Apple iPhone 5 alongside the iPhone 4 or 4S you will find that when it comes to processor speed, browsing and the screen size the Apple iPhone 5 comes out on top. However if you were to compare the Apple iPhone 5 with the Samsung Galaxy S3 then you would see that the qualities mentioned above did not stand out so much. The Apple iPhone 5 battery has been updated; however it is below that of the iPhone 4S, which generally lasts around 8 hours. This is perhaps down to the fact that the device has the larger display and LTE but the battery is only 10mAh more than the other models of the iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has better battery life compared to its predecessor and offers around 3 hours more at 15 hours on average. On standby it can last 400 hours, while the Apple iPhone 5 gives around 225. This means the argument over Android devices not having battery life as good as the iPhone is dismissed.

Apple also designed their latest handset in aluminium and this tends to scratch very easily. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has the plastic back, but if you have scuffs on the back of the Apple iPhone 5 plastic doesn’t seem like a bad idea. The aluminium scuffing does away with the premium build that Apple phones are well known for.

The connector has also been changed on the Apple iPhone 5 and this means that your old accessories will not work unless you pay out for an adapter, which costs around $30. The only good thing about the port change is the fact that the device charges faster. There could be some issues with older accessories which could make the useless.

While there are some bad points with the Apple iPhone 5, this is not to say that the handset is not good. It does happen to be lighter than the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it has the A6 processor, which in benchmark tests came out better than the 1.5GHz dual core of the Samsung Galaxy S3. The screen is 4 inches and you can still hold the device in one hand. The ear buds have also been updated and this has been a vast improvement.

The design of the Apple iPhone 5 is great and keeps the industrial look that people love, with some new additions.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has 2GB of RAM and the Apple iPhone 5 comes with 1GB. However there is not much difference when browsing or using multiple apps. This also applies to the camera and LTE speeds.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has support for external storage while the Apple iPhone 5 doesn’t. So if you get the cheapest 16GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 you can purchase an SD card of 64GB for around $50 and then have a handset that comes with a total of 80GB. With the Apple iPhone 5 you get a total of 64GB and this costs a fortune. The App store apps have risen since the release of the Apple iPhone 5, the 16GB version of the Apple iPhone 5 may be too restricting.

Along with storage you could want to get your Apple iPhone 5 a cover to help keep it free of scratches. Even in a cover it looks better than the plastic of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Some say that Apple have moved back in time when they released the Apple iPhone 5 as they took away Google Maps, they now have a battery that is worse and the vibration motor is harsher. Apple does have their customer service in their favour. Apple is also great when it comes to updates.

The Apple iPhone 5 does lack some of the magical touch that was seen with the first iPhone. However if you are a fan of Apple then you will not be able to resist the Apple iPhone 5.

Perhaps people expect too much from Apple and so if anything is slightly wrong it is exaggerated. Apple has to compete with Samsung and others now and where once the iPhone was an innovation, today it is not. The design of the iPhone has not changed much for the iPhone 4 and the largest upgrades Apple has made are not seen as the norm on other handsets.

If you coming to the end of a contract then you may want to get the Apple iPhone 5, however you may wish to check out the competition. Namely Samsung. This may not be so much due to the fact that Apple has faltered but that Samsung have caught up with Apple with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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