The iPhone 5 Is A Knockout… Like From A Sleeping Pill

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The iPhone 5 is out and has to justify itself in the face of the stiff competition from Android – and the Samsung Galaxy S3 in particular. Let’s see how it stands up to the current king of the smartphone world.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

The iPhone 5 came out to a muted round of applause, really. Its September unveiling lacked the magic of previous debuts, mainly because Apple’s rivals have caught up since the original iPhone launched and have unleashed some amazing smartphones. The iPhone 5 and iOS 6 were much vaunted by Cupertino, but just weren’t anything to write home about given the “seen this, done that” atmosphere. The best way to see what the iPhone 5 has to offer is to pit it against its toughest rival the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung dealt a blow a couple of weeks ago with an advert that listed 15 ways in which the Samsung Galaxy S3 was better than the iPhone 5. It wasn’t the most objective of accounts, though, so we’ll play a bit fairer.

OK, so the iPhone 5 is as high-end as you’d expect, it’s slim, aluminium and glass etc etc…However, there are a lot of smartphones that fit this bill for fewer bucks. Think of the Droid Razrs and their urbane, edgy Kevlar bodies, or the LG Optimus G and its crystal back, or the understated matte polycarbonate of the HTC One X and the sexy Nokia Lumia 920. Eh, howdya like them apples? Sorry….couldn’t resist that.

The iPhone 5 data sheet reckons that the A6 chip is twice the speed of the A5 in the 4S, with some benchmarks saying that it’s even faster than the Samsung Galaxy S3 on ICS. A Jelly Bean powered S3 is a different matter, though, and given that JB be comin’ to YOUR town soon, the iPhone 5 had better watch out. Nevertheless, we don’t take benchmarks seriously and neither should you.

The iPhone 5 screen is 4” and has a 326ppi. The Samsung Galaxy S3 screen is 4.8” and has a ppi of 306, as well as a 1,280x720p resolution. These phones are equal here, more or less. HD is standard among Androids now, with even Newbie Nokia Lumia 920 having 1,280×768 and a ppi of 332 which by the way blows both the iPhone and Galaxy out of the water.

Apple is giving more battery life here – as much as eight hours on 3G LTE, and 10 hours on Wi-Fi. It’s less than the Samsung Galaxy S3 promises, and the S3’s battery is removable too.

Both phones come in 16, 32 and 64GB options, but from here is where the phones differ. The Samsung Galaxy S3 can take microSD up to 64GB, so the larger S3 can go all the way up to 128GB. The iPhone 5 doesn’t do SD.

The S3 gives customers the same or better value for money as the iPhone 5, AND it’s cheaper on or off contract. You can get it from sellers like Amazon for just $99 on contract. But price isn’t the problem, though – people will pay premium for innovation – but this year Apple has failed to provide any. The smartphone market has developed massively since 2007, when Apple could bring out a new phone once a year and draw the crowds. These rivals have caught up and may well have overtaken, as they’re firing out brilliant devices every week, it seems.

Still the Apple devotees queued… However, the company needs to realise that they were there because of the amazing innovations of the past. The iPhone design hasn’t really changed since the iPhone 4, and there’s been no fundamental hardware changes that you won’t find on the average Android. We want the Apple magic back that made the iPhone brand an icon!

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