iPhone 5 Long-Term Review: The Good, Bad & Annoying

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After making the upgrade from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5, and having the device for the past 10 days, we can now reveal the good and the bad side of Apple’s latest incarnation of the iPhone.

iPhone 5: long term test impressions

One of the first downsides to the iPhone 5 occurred not long after getting the device, when it wouldn’t connect to Wi-Fi. Other devices had no problem and it turned out that there wasn’t anything wrong with the iPhone itself, but iOS 6. This same issue was also seen on the iPad which had been upgraded too. Of course this wasn’t bad as much as it was annoying since there was an easy remedy.

There is nothing to complain about when it comes to the battery of the iPhone 5. The battery doesn’t seem to be any better off than the one on the iPhone 4, but it’s not any worse. When using the handset on 4G LTE with Verizon you get just short of one and a half days between charges. Not bad.

Verizon 4G has the same problems as any network on 3G, and that is flaky connections. Some places the 4G is superb and very fast and in others you have to rely on 3G speeds. So in general the iPhone 5 is fast on 4G, but there are some exceptions to this rule, as with any handset.

The display of 4 inches is around the same as swapping between a 37-inch TV and a 40-inch one. It’s not that large. But it is noticeable and it was needed with the iPhone. Web browsing wasn’t the best on the 3.5 inch display of the iPhone 4, however the experience has changed for the better with the iPhone 5. It could have been a little larger; maybe 4.3-inches which is an ideal size as it isn’t too big. I guess the other 0.3-inches may be save for the iPhone 6 or 7.

Apple has got the design of the iPhone 5 about right. The display is larger, but the handset is still very easy to hold thanks to it being slim and lightweight. A design change was needed and Apple came up with a subtle yet great one.

The iPhone 5 is very fast thanks to the new A6 Apple processor and that’s all you need to say on the subject.

The iPhone 5 was accidentally dropped off my work table and while I wouldn’t think twice about it given that my iPhone 4 made that “trip” on a monthly basis, my iPhone 5 was nicked every so slightly. I’ve always hated cases but it looks like my iPhone 5 may need one given my luck with phones.

The camera of the iPhone 5 seems adequate enough for me not to have to turn to my DSLR on a daily basis. All the iPhone 5 needs now is a fix for the purple flare issue. This is especially evident if you love taking pictures of scenery.

So all in all I am very happy with the new iPhone 5 and up to now haven’t found too much to complain about.

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