iPhone 5 Releases In August As Apple Grows Restless With S3’s Flauting Success (Rumor)

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If you can’t wait until October to snaffle up the iPhone 5, there may be some good news. Apple is supposedly planning to launch the iPhone 5 in August, a full two months ahead of schedule. The rumor comes via news agency Emirates 24/7.

iPhone 5 release date moved to August due to Samsung Galaxy S3?

The source suggests that the company is simply responding to the tough competition from Samsung and its Galaxy S3, so it’s planning to steal a march on its Korean rival. Taiwan’s Central News Agency have also added that local media had reported that shares of Taiwanese suppliers to Apple had risen in response.

The iPhone 5 had an original rumored launch date of October, like its predecessor the 4S, but with mounting competition from Samsung, it seems Apple wants to be the early bird that catches the worm.
Earlier this week Reuters quoted a Samsung executive who claimed that the company expects to have sold more than 10 million GS3s by the end of July – a record-breaking number. JK Shin, head of Samsung’s mobile sector, is believed to have told journalists that the company is expecting better second quarter results. This is even after its first quarter profits were almost double those of last year’s.

Apple’s still slugging it out with Samsung in the US, with Judge Koh banning sales of the Galaxy Nexus within the States.

Last week Judge Koh also blocked the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 computer in the ongoing patent and trademark infringement lawsuit that’s going on over tablets and smartphones.

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