iPhone 5 Release Date Of June 29th To Coincide With Launch Of Sprint 4S Pre-Paid Plans (Rumor)

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One of the hottest topics at the moment is the pre-paid iPhone on Sprint courtesy of Virgin mobile. Simultaneously, the Worldwide Developers Conference of Apple begins today, June 11th, and many iPhone fans are expecting an announcement regarding the latest incarnation of the iPhone, the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 release date may coincide with pre-paid 4S launch? (rumors)

At the moment Apple are keeping tight lipped regarding whether an announcement will be made about the iPhone 5, however the rumors about the pre-paid iPhone have come true with Sprint jumping on the pre-paid bandwagon.

Sprint is by no means the first carrier to make the announcement of offering the iPhone pre-paid. Earlier this week there were reports of Cricket Wireless offering the phone as pre-paid. The iPhone offered by Sprint comes courtesy of Virgin mobile and it is thought to be a changer for pre-paid wireless. One has to take into account that people are drawn to some of the more expensive providers of phones thanks to them having higher end handsets. If the iPhone goes pre-paid it could mean that consumers will cancel their monthly payouts and instead take an all-inclusive plan that is cheaper.

It is thought that the iPhone will be available pre-paid on Sprint from June 29th so what remains to be seen is whether Virgin gets an increase in customers from this date on. It goes without saying that those considering an iPhone will want to wait for the latest phone and this could thwart the plans of selling the pre-paid iPhone 4S. Sprint will offer the iPhone 4 and 4S with the 8GB 4 at $549 and the 16GB 4S 649. Virgin are offering unlimited data and messaging for $35 with $5 knocked off the price for those who go for automatic payments. Unlimited calling can also be included for $50 per month.

And if rumors of the iPhone 5 being announced at WWDC 2012 hold true then we only have to look at the past release schedules of the iPhone to see why Virgin Mobile may have picked the June 29 date. If Apple announces the iPhone 5 today at the Apple event in San Francisco, then we can expect the phone to go up for pre-order shortly after and then ship by the end of the month. What this means is that the iPhone 5 will take the flagship i.e. premium throne and the iPhone 4S will sit as the cheaper option i.e. a perfect pre-paid option.

This of course is just speculations at the moment and we will know more later this week and WWDC 2012 progresses.

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