Biggest iPhone 5 Question: When Will It Be In Stores?

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There isn’t much left to speculate now about the iPhone 5 as Apple have announced the launch date as the 12th September for the handset. So the big question now that is on the lips of everyone is, when will the iPhone 5 be in the stores?

iPhone 5 release date: timing is crucial to meet estimates

It is not just fans of the iPhone 5 that have been waiting for Apple to make the announcement of the release of the handset, it is investors too. Analysts have said that iPhone estimates on Wall Street were high during the current quarter; with some saying they were around 22 million. However thanks to the fact that some buyers have been holding back on upgrading handsets, this could be optimistic and lead to disappointing earnings. Should Apple reveal the iPhone 5 in the quarter they may be able to sell around 10 million units which would meet the expectations of Apple.

Of course the release date of the new iPhone 5 also affects the long term. Google and Motorola along with Nokia are said to be releasing devices in time for the holidays and with this in mind the earlier that Apple get the iPhone 5 on the shelves, the better, as they would beat their competition in having a new handset on the shelves and into customer’s pockets.

It is thought that the iPhone 5 would not only be released in the US but that China could get it before the end of 2012. As for an exact release date, it is speculated for month-end, which may just beat out rivals like the Motorola DROID RAZR HD and the Nokia Lumia 920.

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