Triple Fall Whammy: iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & Nokia WP8

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The three biggest tech names of the year – Apple, Microsoft and Samsung – are all releasing new products in the fall, suggest rumors. They may also be planning to release them on the same month i.e. September.

Fall release date: iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Nokia Windows Phone 8 family (rumor)

Samsung has the Galaxy Note 2 in the departure lounge, while Microsoft is about to release Windows Phone 8 on Nokia devices. We hardly need to mention what Apple has in store…..the iPhone 5 with iOS 6.

Microsoft announced its Windows Phone 8 update in June. The update will make Windows the most advanced OS there is, and will add support for multi-core processors claim MS. It’s believed that MS will integrate the mobile OS into the Windows 8 OS for Legacy PCs as well as tablets. It’s thought to be coming in the fall, but is it good enough to compete with the iPhone 5?

CNET reports that Samsung will be releasing the Note 2 in the fall, and rumor has it that it’ll feature the same quad-core chipset that debuted in the Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s also thought that it’ll come with JellyBean.

Then there’s the iPhone 5. It’ll probably break records again. The iPhone 5 is expected to come out after iOS 6, which means sometime in September or October. Experts reckon that it’ll have a bigger screen, NFC for mobile payments and LTE. One new feature, PassBook, will be a big help in beating the competition. PassBook is the wireless payment method that’ll be competing with Google Wallet, as well as the handsets that feature NFC like the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Launching within weeks of each other puts them in direct competition for sales. If this happens, will you be willing to wait that little bit longer for one of these giants or are you already smitten with the likes of the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3?

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