iPhone 5: $800 Unlocked, Available 12th September & Other High Flying Rumors

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As the rumoured date for the release of the iPhone 5 draws closer there is plenty of speculation about what the next generation handset may look like and what specs it might have. Let’s check out the most talked about of the lot.

Top iPhone 5 rumors

There has been a rumor going around that the iPhone 5 will have a larger display than previous models. It is thought that the iPhone 5 will have a screen of 4 inches instead of the 3.5. Thanks to a larger screen, the device should be taller and it may also be thinner. The word going round is that the handset will come with a new integrated touch screen and bezel. It is thought that it may be just 7.6mm while the iPhones on the market now are 9.3mm.

There have been numerous photos posted online and rumors of a change to the sync and charge port. It could be that Apple has changed from the old port to a new 19 pin one. If there is no adapter this could mean old accessories are useless.

The latest word on the release date for the iPhone 5 is 12th September. Rumors were going round that it would be launched in October, as this was the month of the release of the iPhone 4s.

Rumors have also been going around of the cost of the new iPhone 5. A rumor on Twitter said that the iPhone 5 would cost $800. However this is thought to be very unlikely as Apple would be risking killing sales of the device.

The iPhone may not be called iPhone 5. Instead it may be called the New iPhone or the Next iPhone. It could even be just called the iPhone.

It may be that while the next generation iPhone will have a few physical changes, it will not be a game changer, one thing is for sure, if it is not something spectacular when launched a lot of people are going to be very disappointed.

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